What I would have missed…..

Posted September 16th, 2013 by Lisa
Sunrise over ocean in Rockport

Sunrise over ocean in Rockport

This morning Eoin and I are trying something new. He is taking the train from Waltham to Rockport. Yes, it can be done. Albeit this is an experiment for Eoin and me. He normally drives the grueling commute every day.

One day I read that his commute was called the “MEGA Commute”. And it takes years off your life.

So…Eoin looked into the train schedule, and it could be done. It will take about the same amount of time, however he will not have to deal with the stress of driving 128 roundtrip every day. He will be able to get a little walking time in before he starts his day at the desk.

AND, I will be able to see the sunrise like this morning’s. The picture above does not even do it justice. The color was much more saturated. It looked like the sky was on fire. It made me happy to wake up early. It made me happy to be alive. Cliche’.

Monday morning……what are your plans for your day? This moment?

Custom Compost Crock - Work in Progress

Custom Compost Crock – Work in Progress

I have work cut out for me this week. Working on a custom compost crock. Enjoying the challenge. Anything to feel like I am helping the earth in a positive fashion.

Composting is so wonderful. No smelly trash. Great soil for next year’s garden. It’s wonderful!


I am concerned that you, my readers, will not believe what I say. So, no more promises about announcing the Simply Daisy Giveaway Winner. Life gets in the way of my blog posting sometimes. I am sorry.

August’s Simply Daisy Giveaway Winner is Elaine Fisher. Congratulations! She can pick any pottery piece from my shop valued at $30.00 or less. I will ship it out this week. This I promise.

This month’s giveaway will be a custom butter dish. You get to pick the color and style. Great for your kitchen, great as a gift. Keep your eye out for who is the lucky winner.

I was reminded of one of my favorite quotes this weekend

“What day is it?” Pooh asked

“It’s today” Piglet replied.

“Oh, my favorite day!” said Pooh.

Oh Pooh – so wise. XO Lisa

2 Responses to “What I would have missed…..”

  1. Eoin

    So far so good!

    Love you!

  2. Deborah Richardson

    Good luck to Eoin…hope it goes well…love the morning sunrise photo. How I miss looking at that from my window..love the pot you are creating…squish some clay for me…

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