Settling in for Winter with Warmth, Books and Movies

Posted January 9th, 2014 by Lisa
Our new edition to the family....

Our new addition to the family….

This year we decided to GO FOR IT! We had talked a lot about wanting a wood stove, that our fireplace produced too much smoke and not enough heat for the whole house.

We now have our new very own “Calsipher” (name derived from the Howl’s Moving Castle famous character).

What an amazing addition to our family! The warmth is just what I needed to get through these past few below freezing temps. It also creates a place for the kids – if you can call them kids anymore! – to congregate and talk about life. It’s like we have another living being in the house!

Calsipher also gives me daily purpose. I feel like I am getting stronger. Building upper body strength lugging logs up the stairs or in from outside. I feel more in touch with nature. Not hearing the heat go on is also an added bonus.


Book I am currently reading...

Book I am currently reading…

I am about 100 pages into Elizabeth Strout’s debut novel Amy and Isabelle and find I am looking forward to bedtime to get back into the story. Based in a mill town in Maine, it is a coming of age story in a sense. I just love the way Elizabeth Strout describe Maine in all it’s splendor as well as winter bleakness.

I discovered that Oprah Winfrey had produced a film based on this novel back in 1999, and I now have another thing to look forward to – watching the movie once I complete the book.


Elizabeth Strout’s Pulitzer Prize Winning Novel….

This summer our neighboring town, Gloucester, as well as my town Rockport was abuzz with the making of a mini-series based on Olive Kittridge.

Not having read the book, I decided to pick it up and read it before the series comes out on HBO this year.

It was written with such clarity and detail of Maine that my heart ached, but not in a good way. This novel was so depressing. At the end of the book I was left feeling like “is this all there is to life?” I sure do hope that the movie can bring about those happy moments that are far and few between in the novel.


The best book I read in 2013

The best book I read in 2013

The Fault in our Stars was recommended a couple of summers ago when it first came out by a friend of mine whose son had died of a brain tumor. Upon hearing that she recommended it, I was feeling that it must be a sad sad book.

How wrong I was. (I am sorry Cherie for doubting you at all. Please forgive me.) This was by far the BEST book I read in 2013. I cried, and that does not come easy these days for reasons I will not go into.

Not only did I read it, my entire family read it….And every one LOVED it. I am SO looking forward to and also dreading it – the movie! It is coming out soon. Please please do not wreck the achingly beautiful story. It will remain with me forever! Thank you John Green.

By the way, John Green does a video blog, and it is Hillarious!!!! My daughter turned me onto it. He blabs on about life and all things funny and serious. Worth checking out here.

Time to stoke the stove! I love it!…feeling like I am back to the earth.

Stay warm, and feel free to check out my new pots at my shop here. I am working on some fun new designs. SO exciting!

XO Lisa




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  1. Susan Brisson

    Hi Lisa:

    I adore Elizabeth Strout. I have an autographed copy of “Amy and Isabelle” that I bought at a library book sale in Maine a couple of summers ago. Co-incidentally, I am now reading “The Burgess Boys,” her newest novel. It depicts Maine so accurately: the people, customs and little touches and references that give her writing such authenticity.

    Keep warm these cold days! Susan

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