A Couple of Good Reads

Posted March 25th, 2014 by Lisa
Memoir by Anna Quindlen

Memoir by Anna Quindlen

I am not usually drawn to read memoirs yet something about the title struck a chord inside me. I read the first couple of pages and was hooked. I could identify with what Anna Quindlen was saying about life. She is witty and sees things with such clarity and humor.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I am now on the hunt for the next great memoir. I need to stretch my reading muscles.

What's on my bedstand...

What’s on my bedstand…

Since finishing “Lots of Candles Plenty of Cake“, I sought out Anna Quindlen’s most recent novel, “Still Life with Bread Crumbs”.  The theme life at middle-age. The main character is a woman who has rented a cottage away from her beloved New York City. She is a photographer and sees things in a very unique way. Anna Quindlen brings the character’s voice to life I feel like she is my friend.:)

I am pleased to report that I look forward to my bedtime routine and opening up the book next to my bed. The sad thing is the book is reading too fast…before I know it, I will be looking for the next good read.

Does anyone have any good reads they would like to recommend?


By the way, I have not stopped making pots. To the contrary I am working on a top secret plan soon to be announced. I have been building a great many pots by hand, or called “handbuilding”. I have taken to creating butter dishes. Ahh, What fun to make!

Stay tuned….Spring is just about here. Soon we will all be cleaning up what we left behind in our gardens from Fall. All my seeds are waiting. Tomatoes are to be started this week. More on that later.

Please let me know if you miss the pottery giveaway.  I am happy to start that up again if you think it is something that interests you. Comment and let me know.

XO Lisa

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  1. susan hershey

    Love Anna Quindlen. Her other books are also wonderful! All of them …

  2. susan hershey

    Love Ann Quindlen. Read all of her books. She is wonderful …

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