The Thing No One Wants to Hear….

Posted March 22nd, 2015 by Lisa

But is the elephant in the room….

or in the neighborhood.

Yes on Cape Ann we do have neighbors and friends who are homeless or very poor that they go without many of the things we take for granted.

“I just want to hear the click of a lock on the door,” sighs a guest at the Grace Center in Gloucester, MA. They just want what we all want – a place to call our own, warmth, food, to belong….


This coming Sunday, March 29, 2015, the Grace Center is holding it’s 3rd Annual “Glow with Grace” Walk to raise awareness of those who are struggling on Cape Ann – whether they be homeless or in crisis or in transition.

The event begins at the Gloucester High School lobby at 6:30 PM, rain or shine, warm or cold, because the homeless or under-served do not get a choice in those matters, so why should we?

One of my happiest days is Wednesday when I see my friends at the Grace Center. My friends are those who are there to enjoy a warm place during the day, grab breakfast and lunch. I have learned so many things about humanity – I would never learn anywhere else. My life is better for having the opportunity to volunteer at the Grace Center.

I try to keep these blog posts short. So I will just end it here. And I hope to see you at the Glow with Grace walk.

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view … until you climb inside his skin and walk around in it.” – Harper Lee, To Kill a Mocking Bird

XO Lisa

A New Old Way…

Posted January 28th, 2015 by Lisa

…of connecting.

(Zachary Germain and April Geyer at the Manhattan Amateur Classic Dancesport Competition , Dancing the Swing – Placing 1st in Pre-Champ)

I have found a new way to my “Happy Place”:

Ballroom Dancing!

I give credit to my Mom who encouraged me over and over again to give ballroom dancing a try.

I give credit to my husband, Eoin, who has supported me no matter what I tried. It is wonderful learning something new together.

And I give credit to Zachary Germain, my dance instructor from Karen’s Ballroom Dancing and Fitness, who has made dancing more fun than I could imagine.

Zachary is a talented ballroom dancer who has been competing for 10 years. Next Stop for him is the national competition to become a professional dancer. He makes dancing a reality for everyone he teaches. I highly recommend him for private or group lessons – or both!

Here is Zachary Germain and April Geyer again performing a Rumba in the recent competition:

Now doesn’t that look like fun!!

Karen’s Ballroom Dancing and Fitness offers group and private lessons. You can check out their schedule here.

While I have danced all my life, there is something special about dancing with a partner. In this world where we all want to connect, there is nothing quite like dancing to connect! It’s way better than texting or Facebook!

Give it a try! Just dance to a happy place!

Some places to partner dance:

Rockafellas – Latin Dancing Wed. Nights, Salem

Havanas Salsa Club, Cambridge

Karen’s Ballroom Dancing, Peabody – Social Dance Every 1st Saturday of the Month

MIT Dance Club – Social Ballroom Dance – Cambridge

Gotta go practice ….any excuse to DANCE:)

XO Lisa


A Mission to Gain Better Health

Posted November 6th, 2014 by Lisa

I was sitting at Family Car Care in Gloucester one sunny morning and opened up the latest issue of North Shore Magazine to find an article about Nourish Health with Food For Life.

I read the article and immediately called her:

Dr. Mona Sigal

Dr. Mona Sigal of Nourish Health with Food for Life

I was surprised to hear her heart warming voice answer the phone! She had a more than a full class, however, she didn’t turn me away. She just said “as long as you don’t mind cozy!” I knew I was in the right hands and heading in the right direction.

I have had a rough past 12 years. If you saw my medical chart you would see nothing but an upward tick in all the wrong ways, i.e., weight, blood pressure, bad cholesterol. My joints have become inflamed. This is all due to a stroke that I experienced 12 years ago. I have been put on medication after medication for this problem then that.

I knew in my heart that if I could prevent some of the problems through what I ate, then I would be healthier and happier. And hopefully be able to get off some of my medications.

The classes with Mona are fun and packed full of wonderful information on health and what we eat.

My last class is next week, and I am already having the “Sunday Blues” about it.

I will just need to join Mona for her monthly free round table to get new ideas and tips along with recipes that will continue me on this new lifestyle.

Wonderful Vegan Cookbook by Terry Walters

Wonderful Vegan Cookbook by Terry Walters

You can check out more on Terry Walters and her blog here.

Great read and recipes by John MacDougal, MD

Great read and recipes by John McDougall, MD

At my first class with Mona Sigal, MD, I was handed this new book The Starch Solution by Dr. John McDougall. He has a health program in California and a lot of terrific free information on his website


So how hard has it been? Not very. I haven’t been as excited about cooking as I am now. There are so many things you can do with plant based meals. It’s a challenge I am happy to take on!:)

If you have any questions about my experience, please do pop me an email.

XO Lisa